The Iranian Alborz Steel Co., which is known in the steel industry of Iran under the name of Faico, is engaged in the production of hot types of steel sections of various shapes, sizes and specifications. The annual production of more than 1.5 million tons of all types of steel and industrial steel sections makes the complex the most expensive steel producers in the country and region.

Variety of products in Faico includes industrial and construction mesh sizes from 8 to 32 mm in diameter, as well as various types of IPN, IPE , UPE, UPE series and unequal wings of 80 to 320 mm in height.

This product is produced in two separate production lines with a separate capacity of 750,000 tons. Direct access to the Tehran-Mashhad highway, the dedicated Rail Rails station connected to the national rail network of the country, the dedicated power station of 230/20 KW connected to the main transmission line of the country, the private post of natural gas with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters and lines All-automatic and intelligent production equipped with the most advanced equipment and machinery in the world allows us to produce these products in accordance with all national standards for domestic and international markets for export, so that a considerable part of the product range so far in this The complex produced requires the country to import it.

Alborz Iranian Steel Complex, Mazandaran province, is about 15 km from Sari road to Mashhad.